St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church ­St. Josaphat 100­

PO Box 251­ Bethlehem, PA 18016­­


St. Josaphat Parish will celebrate 100 years on September 30, 2018

To mark this momentous occasion a program book that will outline the history of our Parish and our Parishioners will be published.


If you wish to help finance this celebration we welcome you to purchase an advertisement in the 100thAnniversary program book that will be published.  If you would like to become an underwriting sponsor for any of our planned events please contact Jerry Kindrachuk for more information.

St. Josaphat 100th Anniversary Booklet Agreement


Enclosed is my check in the amount of $__________ payable to: “St. Josaphat 100”  for the ad indicated below:

$300.00 sold_Back Inside Cover                       $150.00 _____Full page

$  75.00 _____Half page                                   $25.00   ____   Eighth Page

$  50.00 _____Quarter page                             $  10.00 _____One line booster

Checks and ads should be mailed to:

St. Josaphat 100

PO Box 251

Bethlehem, PA 18016

Please write the exact text of your advertisement on an attached sheet of paper that is camera ready.

You may also send it electronically in .pdf format, via email to:

Any questions: call Jerry Kindrachuk at 610-730-3265 



Name of advertiser: ____________________________________________Tel:_______________________

Signature of authorized advertiser: __________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________


Kindly keep a copy of this agreement for your records